Discover the truffle

Black truffle

Also called “winter black truffle”, it only acquires its full value when it is ripe. It grows wild in France, Spain and Italy. Its aroma is intense, persistent and spicy, and its taste is slightly bitter but pleasant and irresistible.
It supports cooking and can be used for almost everything. It is much appreciated in haute cuisine.

“There is none that has the same flavor of another”

White truffle

Also called “white truffle of Alba”. Its conditions of appearance are still mysterious and only grows wild in Alba region, northern Italy. You can not cultivate it; That makes it the most expensive truffle of the world.
It is characterized because its maximum organoleptic value is extracted in raw, uncooked. This truffle doesn’t support cooking because it would lose all its aroma

“Habitat and climate influence its taste”

Truffle borde

Similar to the black truffle, it occupies the same habitat and matures at the same time but this truffle is associated more with hazel and linden trees than with oaks. Its interior is greasier than that of the black truffle and has white veins a little thicker. Its aroma is less persistent, but intense and very variable.

“The ancient Greeks considered it a gift from the gods”

Summer truffle

As the name suggests, it can be found in summer months although it is consumed all year round. It is produced in several countries.
Its smell is intense and aromatic, but less penetrating than the black truffle and its taste is peculiar, reminiscent of nuts.